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if you know where to look — and i do...

You have a travel dream-list that is unique to you. It may not feel like a “bucket list” in the traditional sense, or you may not have vocalized it yet, but we all have one deep down. 

Elevate Signature Travel was created to take those dreams and ideas, expand on them, and turn them into reality by creating carefully curated, authentic travel itineraries that show you all the things you’ve dreamt of seeing, doing, and experiencing. Through the process, I am your trusted travel advisor taking my passion for travel, attention to detail, and international connections to create a vacation for you that’s full of unforgettable experiences and memories. 

You’ll go on a curated vacation that has you seeing gorgeous vistas, experiencing delicious cuisines, and taking in local sounds and smells. Step outside your comfort zone, experience the world the way you’ve always dreamed. No detail is too small, and no luxury is undeserved.

Finding, booking, and living your next thrilling adventure is as easy as having an informal chat over coffee — or Zoom! Vacations and making memories that last a lifetime doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, travel should be intuitive — and customized to how you want to travel. 
We’ll collaborate on the who, what, where, and I’ll worry about the how. However you want to travel, that soul-swooning adventure with white-glove service is a mouse click or phone call away. Let’s make your daydreams into your new reality!




We start with a complimentary call to discuss where you want to travel, who with, your travel style(s), and any must-haves you shared on a brief questionnaire. We’ll chat through every item on your wish list as well as your budget — I’ll make some recommendations (along with any items you can skip), and I’ll take notes on both the big and little details.

After you've paid my planning fees, I start planning your dream adventure! I do all the research and planning. We’ll review the trip proposal together and edit it until it’s perfect and your itinerary is confirmed. Lastly, I book and manage all the components of your trip.

While you are off enjoying your vacation, I, as well as my local counterparts will be available to help manage any issues — big or small. I will contact you when you return, I want to hear all about your fabulous vacation!





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$500 for full trip planning, up to 14 days for 2 people. Additional fees are based on trip length and complexity.

Additional $350 last-minute booking fee for trip requests within 30 days of travel, or within 90 days if travel is during a national holiday. 

$50 per person (domestic flights),
$100 per person (international flights). 

Complimentary hotel bookings only (no research required) – a fee of $250 applies if research is required. 

Additional fees apply for concierge services available upon request. 

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